5 Best Secret Beaches in Vietnam:

Tips from a Local

With a long coastline, Vietnam has a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful beaches. Vietnams’ beaches are appealing compared to its Southeast Asian neighboring countries such as Thailand for several reasons.

Vietnam’s beaches are much less touristy and still keep the hidden charm that its neighbors already lost due to the flood of tourists. Vietnam used to apply strict visa regulations until several years ago when the government decided to grant a two-week visa-free stay. So, if you seek a destination far away from the partying backpacking crowds for a real getaway, Vietnam is a good choice. Moreover, tourists do not have to compromise when it comes to travel facilities and services in Vietnam. In fact, it is not difficult to find a nice beach resort in Vietnam at a very affordable price in the range from 50-100 USD per night. If you would rather look for a budget option, many beach locations that are low-key on the tourist maps offer hotel stay for only 15-30 USD per night.

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If you are contemplating a beach vacation to this all-year tropical land, here is the list of 5 secret beaches in Vietnam that promise to indulge your senses without breaking your pocket. Great to visit year-round, but almost a guarantee of no rain between March and September.

Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc Beach. Photo by damien_farrell on Flickr. CC BY 2.0

Tourists coming to Vietnam usually pick Nha Trang or Mui Ne, a flight away from Ho Chi Minh City, the main travel hub in South Vietnam. But I would argue Phu Quoc is a much better choice. In fact, the Saigonese usually opt for Phu Quoc island as a much better destination for a beach vacation, as Nha Trang and Mui Ne are too crowded with tourists, mostly Russian and Chinese group tours. Probably one of the best beaches in Vietnam to get away from the crowds.

Only one short flight away from Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc has amazing sandy beaches with emerald water, affordable resorts, and an abundance of food choices. Pick a bungalow with a sea view and enjoy the sunrise from your bed!

How to Get There

From Hanoi and Saigon, Jetstar offers cheap daily flights to Phu Quoc island.

Where to Stay

Numerous beach resorts line the long beach on the West side of the island, so it’s recommended you take advantage of the opportunity to have a sunset view from your room. If you’re traveling all the way there, don’t do anything else. For this, and great access to the beach and the offerings in town, check out these.

Thien Thanh Resort

A 5-Start hotel on the beach, with everything you could ask for, at 3-Star prices. Great proximity to the restaurants and nightlife as well.

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Amarin Resort

Also a beachfront hotel, this one is ONLY rated 4 stars, and also at an amazing price. I stayed in this hotel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

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An Bang Beach

Hoi An


An Bang Beach. Photo by Sarahhoa on Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Hoi An is a must-see for every tourist coming to Vietnam. The charming old town is in fact very close to the pretty An Bang Beach. If you stay overnight in Hoi An, rent a bike or scooter and head for An Bang for a relaxing and easy bike tour. An Bang is lovely and refreshing itself, and the short bike tour promises a quick glimpse of authentic rural Vietnamese life. One of the best beaches in Vietnam for those seeking amazing scenery.

How to Get There

From Danang, get a taxi or bus to Hoi An and rent a scooter or bike to ride to An Bang, if staying in Hoi An.

Where to Stay

Not many hotels are right on the beach at An Bang, as most accommodations are located in nearby Hoi An. Below are two options for both at An Bang and Hoi An.

Hidden Bungalow Sea View (An Bang Beach)

Not many hotels are right on the beach on An Bang, as most accommodations are located in nearby Hoi An. This hotel IS right on An Bang beach, which makes it the perfect location if that’s where you intend to stay.

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Golden Pearl Hoi An Hotel

Located in town, this boutique hotel has great amenities and proximity to all the sights. A quick motorbike from the beach and all other Hoi An attractions.

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Lang Co Beach



Lang Co Beach. Photo by David McKelvey on Flickr. CC BY 2.0

If you take a train along Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, you would see Lang Co Beach when the train goes through the winding Hai Van pass, crossing Danang to reach Hue, the old capital of Vietnam. The hidden Lang Co Beach is low on the tourist maps of both the foreign and local travelers, giving a quiet and humble experience.

How to get there

The easiest and quickest way is to get a taxi from Danang International Airport, and it will cost around 450,000 VND (around 20 USD). Pay the driver an additionally 150,000 VND to take the route of Hai Van Pass for a breathtaking view from the highest pass of Vietnam.

Where to Stay

You could stay in Hue City and take a day trip, or you could stay near the beach.

Angsana Lang Co

A true beach resort, this is where I stayed and it was wonderful. In the middle price range, but worth every penny. The Banyan Tree is also nearby, which is a much higher price, and many other hotels are available in Hue City. A great place to enjoy one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

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Hon Ong Beach

Nha Trang


Nha Trang. Photo by Elena Ermakova on Adobe Stock.

While Nha Trang is a traditional beach city and the public beach along the main street Tran Phu may be a convenient and great choice, Hon Ong is definitely an upgrade. The secluded Hon Ong is a popular choice for a family getaway or couples vacation, offering pick-up service from the city and boat drive to the tiny island.

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Hon Ong has a private beach resort with clean and comfortable rooms, and fresh Vietnamese dishes served from the restaurant throughout the day and night. A great location if you’re seeking to be away from the crowds.

How to get there

You could stay in town, but I recommend you book a room at Whale Island resort and request a pickup service from Nha Trang airport.

Whale Island Resort

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Beaches at Quy Nhon


Quy Nhon Beach. Photo by VietDung on Adobe Stock

Quy Nhon is the capital city of Binh Dinh province and much quieter than touristy Nha Trang, even though it is only slightly north from Nha Trang. From Ho Chi Minh City, one can take a train, night bus or flight to Quy Nhon. Quy Nhon is easy to navigate, cheaper than Nha Trang and has many public beaches to offer, from the convenient city beach right at in the city center, to Ky Co or Eo Gio beaches, accessible with a short ride from the city center. The city is a vibrant town with many restaurants, shops and the slower pace of life compared to metropolitan Saigon, Hanoi or Danang. So if the big cities in Vietnam become too much for you, Quy Nhon is an ideal choice to unwind and learn about a more relaxing Vietnam.

How to get there

From Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, get a direct flight to Quy Nhon.

Where to Stay

There are many affordable options right in Quy Nohn, though the beach isn’t much to look at there. I recommend a bit further south where the beaches are better and more secluded.

Avani Quy Nohn Resort

A quick 5-minute drive south from town, this true private beach resort is in the mid-price range. I highly recommend it and have stayed there many times.

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