Thailand: An Insider’s Guide for the Savvy Traveler

Minimize the learning curve, and travel as if it’s your 10th trip.. not your first. 

The #1 thing I ALWAYS recommend to first-time travelers to new countries is to do some research!

You simply MUST familiarize yourself with the local culture, customs, and ALL of the potential headaches and barriers you’ll face.

Especially Thailand…

Thailand is a unique and magical place, but nothing is at it seems in the Land of Smiles! The culture, laws, and customs ALL make it very confusing for even foreign residents. Many people live there for years and continue to be perplexed by the ways of Thailand.

To make it worse, there are actually TWO Thailands: The real one, and the facade created to keep the tourist money coming in. Navigating this complex and intriguing environment requires an understanding of the unique culture, the customs and traditions, and a roadmap to help you approach common situations you’re sure to run into.

In this book, you’ll learn about the REAL Thailand, and as a result, you’ll have a much better time navigating the fake one. But that’s not all…

Thailand: An Insider’s Guide for the Savvy Traveler will teach you:

  • How to prepare for your trip, travel arrangements, which technology you’ll need, and tips for getting around upon arrival.
  • Background on regional history, Buddhist customs and how this affects tourism and modern-day Thailand.
  • Key cultural differences that will keep you on the right side of things.
  • Common scams, how to avoid them, and how to negotiate like to pro.
  • The best activities, things to see, places to go, plus how and when to do them.
  • How to read people, navigate the country and what areas are best to explore AND avoid.

Most importantly: How to ingrain yourself and experience Thailand like you’ve lived there for years. 

These things I have learned over both living in and traveling Thailand, and I assure you these lessons took time to learn.

After reading this book, you’ll be so many steps ahead of other travelers you’ll feel sorry for them.

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Reviews from Readers

The books I wish I had when I moved to Asia and traveled these places for the first time.”

-Mary S.

“I was lucky to get one of the first drafts of this book. I’ve never been in Asia before. It helped me by understanding the culture. The do’s and don’t. I highly recommend this easy read full of tons of info about Siam.

– Earl

“I have traveled to Thailand on several occasions. I wished I had this for my previous visits. So much good information.”

-Jerry E.